PrimeGlobal – One of the five largest associations of independent accounting firms in the world was named Association of the Year at IAB Awards.

Digital Accountancy Award was awarded in 13 categories. PrimeGlobal has been named both the Association of the Year and Sustainable Organization of the Year.

In order to see al the winners, please follow the link.

Audit and Consulting company – AGIC is the only member of PrimeGlobal in Georgia. AGIC became a member of PrimeGlobal in 2019 and continues to be a dedicated member of the association.

2019/20 has been an exceptional year for PrimeGlobal with the organization achieving record size, coverage and growth. Over the past twelve months, PrimeGlobal’s culture, diversity, and reach have strengthened significantly, and the introduction of a new governance model has led to increased efficiency throughout the association.