Audit of funded projects

Financing is a critical point in business development and very few companies can afford investments solely with their own funds. Obtaining external financing is not an easy task, especially when it comes to emerging markets. However, properly prepared investment proposals and applications can significantly increase the chances of obtaining funds. Over the past years, we have seen many interesting business concepts but unfortunately have seen them fail in attracting financing due to poor elaboration and packaging by the promoter.

AG International Consulting helps clients in packaging business concepts into attractive investments. This is done through thorough analysis of various data and often comes in the form of Investment Proposals, Presentations or Applications. Furthermore, we often present the investment case to potential financial investors on behalf of clients and work with the investors to clarify details, answer follow-up questions and construct further business plans.

We help entrepreneurs obtain funding of their stat-up ideas from Private International Funds, Georgian Partnership Fund, IFC and other relevant sources.