Develop marketing strategies and services

Entrants to new markets are often confronted with various challenges that occur from differences in culture, language and business practices, but mostly due to being new and foreign to the place. What may be difficult for them, can be very easy and simple for local professionals. Therefore, on-the-ground assistance during the implementation phase is very important to make sure that the project is running smoothly, productively, on time and on budget.

AG International Consulting helps new entrants to the Georgian, Armenian & Azerbaijan markets by management of various projects. The work includes but is not limited to identifying and contracting the right parties, designing and announcing tenders, facilitating work with obtaining licenses and permits, equipping office and scheduling meetings. It entails everything that enables clients focus on their core business while we worry about various projects, tasks or details for them

We also help Georgian clients in project implementation when they go abroad to other markets. We do this through our wide network of partner companies ensuring that the Georgian clients are productive and efficient in their new markets by providing various project implementation service.