Value chain development strategy for small scale farmers in Ajara region

Survey included feasibility study for Ajara region about developing value chain models in agriculture sector especially for small scale farmers located in mountain regions. The project engaged external consultant from Ministry of Agriculture of Netherlands. (Sense Selection)

Analysis of macroeconomic and public finance environment, regulations and institutional set-up

Survey includes macro economical analysis of Georgian economical environment, which will be used for UN in Georgia, when assessing Governmental Institutions. (UNDP)

Dairy sector assessment in Ajara region

Survey included the detailed survey and assessment of dairy producers and other stakeholders engaged in this sector in Ajara. Project engaged external consultant from Agricole France. (Georgian Farmers Association “Eco Farm”)

Greenhouse business sector assessment in Georgia, Armenia and Iran

Project included the assessment of small and medium scale greenhouse producers, identification of possibilities and constraints. Project engaged external consultants from Armenia, Iran. (Silk Water Group)

Cattle farm development

Project included development of 1,000 cattle farm of Flekvieh varieties in Western Georgia. Project is recently under discussion by U.S investment firm Solsuus. (Silk Water Group)

Dairy farm using local varieties

Business plan, feasibility study, technical guideline. Project included establishment of dairy farm using Hosltein cattle variety. (NGO GBDC)

Dairy farm using biogas production and California worm production as addictive nutrients

Business plan, feasibility study. The project is related to innovative method of cattle farm establishment using as key feeding nutrient California variety earthworm. Technical study wsa supported by earthworm production company Bio Agro. (LLC Didostati)

Dairy farm using Flekvieh variety

Business plan, feasibility study, technical guideline. Project was related to development of dairy farm in Western Georgia. (LLC Print Express)

Hotel and shopping mall complex development in Tbilisi

Business plan, feasibility study. Project was developed to invest about 80 mln USD are company owned commercial Land located in Ortachala. The project is currently under discussion with Partnership Fund. (LLC Conti Group)

Tobacco processing plant

Project was developed to establish tobacco raw material processing factory in Georgia which would supplement further tobacco packaging industry, the investment value was 18 mln USD. Project was under discussion with Partnership Fund, however it was closed after financial problems of company Omega Group. (Omega Group)

Company long-term development strategy and tax refinancing plan

Company had financial liquidity problems and owed about 50 mln Gel tax payables. The project goal was to provide refinancing of company tax payable and submit strategy development plan, which was successfully maintained and provided with Ministry of Finance, however at the end Company was still closed due to different global and financial problems. (Omega Group)

Developing strategic plan of NGO Agora

Project included developing short and long term strategy of the Organization, review of current and past projects, SWAT analysis, outlining main goals and strategies and developing a final report. (People in Need)

Cattle farm for meat production using local varieties

Feasibility study, business plan. Project goal was to establish 100 cattle farm using local varieties for meat production. (LLC Bestville)

Five Star Hotel Development in Anaklia

Project goal was to invest 17 mln Gel to esatablish a luxury hotel complex in Anaklia, which was finally co-funded with local Banks. (LLC Next League)

Greenhouse production using thermal water in Tsaishi region, Samegrelo

Feasibility study, financial plan. (National Bank of Georgia)

Norwegian salmon production with modern technologies in Kobuleti region

Business plan, feasibility study. (LLC Georgian Aquaculture)

Dehydrated onion processing factory. German international onion processing firm intended to integrate processing factory in Georgia and AGIC provided feasibility and technical study for the particular onion variety including growing at demo plots. Finally the company had changed plans towards investing in another country.

Feasibility study, financial plan. (GMBH Arona, Germany)

Lettuce production by deep float hydroponic system

Business plan, feasibility study, technical guideline. (NGO “Disabled children and family”)

Berry production & processing (blueberry/raspberry/blackberry). Project included establishment of growing, warehouse and processing factories in Western and Eastern Georgia.

Business plan, feasibility study, technical guideline. (Geosilkroad LLC)

Producing African catfish and Canadian trout. The project was successfully developed and established relevant productions in Kakheti and Kazbegi regions.

Business plan, feasibility study. (LLC A.S.G.)