PrimeGlobal – One of the five largest associations of independent accounting firms in the world was named Association of the Year at IAB Awards. Digital Accountancy Award was awarded in 13 categories. PrimeGlobal has been named both the Association of the Year and Sustainable Organization of the Year. In order to see al the winners, […]

Technologies that expand the methods of data collection and analysis contribute to business development. Companies regularly receive, store, and analyze quantitative and qualitative data. All of this helps them to have more

Audit and consulting company AGIC has become a member of the UN Global Compact. It is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative that promotes a sustainable and inclusive global economy for people, society, and the market.

Most organizations believe that customer management is an integral part of their success. While they are well aware of its importance, companies often find it difficult to meet customer requirements.

Artificial intelligence can do whatever it takes and give business leaders a competitive advantage. However how many real benefits of AI can you name? Due to the variety of uses, it is almost impossible to list all its advantages.

We often hear the word “management” as a means of describing high-level authorities. Management is a practice and not a person when talking about project management, we are talking about what is being done to make sure everything is done as needed.

AGIC and ARFADA will jointly implement international and charitable audit projects in the Turkish market. ARFADA is one of the most experienced consulting companies with a special place in development and finance In the field of management consulting.

Having a good relationship with your business partner will help you see opportunities, collaborate, and deal with problems together. Managing unforeseen circumstances in a necessary long-term partnership is inevitable. Do not rely on personal interests – especially if they are involved in

The membership of the PrimeGlobal network has enabled us to implement global, complex, and complex projects with our partners. The company AGIC has signed a contract with the Polish company Szwak&Spółka, with which they provide accounting services to companies in the EU market,

Video conferences have been going on for about 20 years. Before the pandemic, people rarely had to attend online meetings, but today, we hold video conferences every day that are 100% virtual. This is a problem that technology cannot solve.

Consumer service is a new marketing and it is very effective in increasing sales. Numerous large and small organizations have experienced this fact for themselves. They put their efforts into customer service and entrusted it with sales.

The reason for the events of the last few months is the impact on daily life, in particular on business activities. Today, entrepreneurs have to make very difficult decisions. Along with all this, they deal with the emotions that affect the ability and safety

Starting a business is not easy. It requires a lot of thinking and decision making. This can put pressure on you and make the wrong decisions, which can damage your development potential. While there is no reliable plan to help you succeed,

Today, online business is one of the most convenient ways to earn money, and your computer and mobile can help you. Of course, all this requires a lot of work, but with its help, you avoid going to work every day, office policy, etc. You will have to devote more time than

People receive a lot of emails each day. So you need to fight to get the addressees you send the letter to open and read it. When you write an e-mail where you deliver an offer and send it to thousands of people at your base. Eventually, a very small number get this offer,