Audit and consulting company AGIC conducted a textile and clothing manufacturing industry benchmark survey, that serves to identify trends in this industry, based on the 2018 and financial statements of the second and third size companies.

The report presents the average financial indicators of the sector, which forms the “benchmark” of the sector and provides information on its financial situation.


The data used in the study are taken from the website of the Reporting Portal, where the annual financial reports are published by the legislation of Georgia. These companies belong to the second and third categories, of which only 2 companies are audited.

This information is based on the data of 2018, focusing on market leaders, the number of which is 8. The study focuses on the textile and clothing market review, specifically production and export-import data from the International Trade Center website.

Research Results

The study reviews textile and clothing companies with a total turnover of more than 110 million GEL and total assets of 92 million GEL. The study identified industry-leading companies in terms of revenue, assets, and profits.

The analysis of the data revealed that Georgian companies have the following financial indicators in the textile and clothing industry: profit on assets averaged 6% (ROA) and profit on capital (ROE) 9%.

Also, the financial ratios of the industry’s average liquidity, efficiency, and solvency were determined.

The study also revealed the average data for 2018 companies by category. Of the 9 companies listed, two companies are in the second category, while the remaining 7 companies are in the third category.

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